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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Phase II Trial of Leronlimab Includes Breast Cancer Patients

In pre-clinical trials, blocking CCR5 reduced tumor metastases in animal models of breast and prostate cancers. CytoDyn expects to wrap up enrollment for the basket trial in the next two months

Scientists find ally in fight against brain tumors: Ebola

Glioblastoma cells from a human brain are growing, but addition of the Ebola-VSV oncolytic virus results in tumor infection and cell death, seen here as black cells. Over time the infection spreads to other glioblastoma cells. Photo by Yale

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Freedom of Treatment Act: Empowering Terminally-ill Patients to Try Experimental Drugs and Therapies

Report by The Abigail Alliance Patient Advocacy Committee 
Rose Winkle, Chair | GBM Patient & Advocate | St. Louis, MO
Jeremy Van Tress, Vice-Chair | ALS Patient & Advocate | Corvallis, OR
Kyle Coddington | GBM Patient & Advocate | Boswell, PA
Corey Polen | ALS Patient & Advocate | Brownsburg, IN
Dr. Benjamin Freilich | Physician & GBM Patient Advocate | Englewood, NJ
Dr. Jim Neely | Physician & Colon Cancer Patient Advocate | Cameron, MO
Frank Burroughs | Head & Neck Cancer Patient Advocate | Lorton, VA
Steve Walker | Colon Cancer Patient Advocate, | Tampa Bay, FL