Thursday, January 16, 2020

Support the Freedom of Treatment Act

State and federal Right to Try laws provide important protections to physicians and drug companies that help terminally-ill people try investigational therapies outside of clinical trials. Unfortunately, patient access has been limited up to this point due to ambiguities in the law.

The Freedom of Treatment Act is model legislation that clarifies the basic rights of people with terminal illnesses who have run out of treatment options.

Our model legislation:
  • Allows patient participation in pre-approval access programs without regard to state certificate of need requirements
  • Establishes a state-level website to ensure that terminally-ill research subjects know all of their treatment options
  • Requires insurers to provide coverage of federally-eligible experimental therapies on a basis no less favorable than hospice and palliative care

Click here to read the legislation. Comment below if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns.