Our Angels

To those who died fighting for their lives against all odds:

We will never forget your brave struggle
We will never forgive those who stood in your way
We will never forsake our fight for the rights of others like you

Alita Randazzo
David Lee Baxter
Avinash Raina
Mary E. Thompson
Johnny C. Clark
Peter Michael Hallinan
Ruth-Ann Santino
Mary "Teresa" Johnson
Clyde Irwin
June A. Kaneti
(1952 -2003)
Mark Brzozowski
Jennifer McNellie
Mike Steele
Sally Reed Turner
Abigail Kathleen Burroughs
Bruce Rasmussen
Elizabeth (Liddy) Shriver
Dr. Ford Van Hagen
Kianna Jayne Karnes
Kathryn (Kay) Regina Castor Houk
Patrick Smid
(1953 - May 16, 2004)
Pamela Johnson
Gideon Sofer