Thursday, March 3, 2011

From the Wall Street Journal – “The FDA and Slower Cures”

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article on the FDA which our President Frank Burroughs felt inclined to comment on.  View the full article here “The FDA and Slower Cures” and read Frank’s reaction below.

From Frank:

The excellent Wall Street Editorial ‘The FDA and Slower Cures’ brings out some very important life saving and life-extending points, particularly the vital need to save patients’ lives as was done with AIDS drugs, the destruction of the accelerated approval process by Dr. Richard Pazdur along with his hand picked advisors, and the FDA’s unnecessary and deadly adversarial posture towards our innovative pharmaceutical industry.

The Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs has been addressing this FDA tragedy foralmost ten years. Here is something that is very profound. Every drug for cancer and other serious life-threatening illnesses that the Abigail Alliance has pushed for earlier access to in our nine and half yearhistory is now approved by the FDA! There is not one drug that we pushed for earlier access to that didnot make it through the clinical trial process. Many lives could have been saved or extended, if there had been earlier access to these drugs! The current count is 17 drugs and vaccines! EVEN the FDA’s own Science and Technology Advisory Board in their late 2007 report recommended there be a provisional approval mechanism for promising new drugs.

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