Gideon Sofer

From Gideon’s Mom:  Gideon derived a great deal of strength and hopefulness from his connection with the Abigail Alliance, and through his Abigail Alliance friends, Frank Burroughs, Steve Walker, and Ron Trowbridge.  I am so appreciative of that, just to know that you helped to enrich his life, and that he could glean energy and life force from this connection.   He had much pain and suffering during his short life, and the positive times he experienced, and people he met, were so important to him. I am slowly healing, and I miss him terribly.  As I am sure you know losing a child who you love is so painful.  Knowing that Gideon had an impact on others is a major force that keeps me going.  His energy and love is still alive and part of this world, and I will always carry that with me.          ̴ Linda Sofer

Gideon was a joy to know.  He was a part of the Abigail Alliance and very significantly helped the efforts of the Abigail Alliance.  He was a big inspiration to us.  I will always cherish the times with Gideon, remembering his passion, exuberance, and dedication in trying to help others.  Gideon was, and in his new venue is, a gem.   His wonderful spirit lives on.       ̴ Frank Burroughs