Kianna Jayne Karnes - Loved by so many
April 19, 1960 - March 24, 2005

Kianna Jayne Karnes is another much loved person who had her life cut short by her inability to gain access to developmental drugs that may have saved her, after her intense struggle with kidney cancer.

Kianna was well aware of her personal struggle and the struggle of the Abigail Alliance to bring about vitally needed change to help so many. "This is bigger than just me, isn't it? This is a lot bigger." Nothing will ever be bigger than Kianna to her husband, parents, three sisters, four children, three step-children, grandson, and two step-grandchildren who loved her. But in the context of society as a whole, and the thousands of patients who face Kianna's deadly dilemma, she was right.

Shortly before her death the Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial citing Kianna as an example of the need for Congress to change developmental drug rules along the lines proposed by the Abigail Alliance. They called it "Kianna's Law." After her passing they wrote a follow-up editorial entitled "Kianna's Legacy" and again urged such reforms. The Abigail Alliance will do everything we can to get Congress to enact Kianna's Law and to leave a legacy to all of the precious gems who have passed through our lives.

Like Abigail Burroughs and Alita Randazzo, Kianna's favorite flower was the Sunflower.